Wachira Sucharitkul is aThai Artist .

From a young age Wachira loved to paint and express her ideas through art as a young child.

This passion for art continued through to her teenage years and eventually as a young adult she decided to follow her dream and base herself in Europe, the home of many fine artists from the past whose work inspired her.

Her dream to study Art in Europe brought her to London where she continued to develop her skills and practice creating her own individual style.

Through her connections in Thailand her skills and artistic flair did not go unnoticed and she was requested by a fashion house to create a range of collections and become their lead designer.

Wachira flourished in this role and the foundations she made in clothing design ensured that she is still in demand even to this day where she creates the designs as head designer for Thailand based clothing companies.

She has used her artistic and creative skills to flourish in both fields and Art is her first passion which you can undoubtedly see in the quality of her paintings.

Wachira paints the beauty she sees around us, as expressed in her current and past collections. She is also available to create commissions at your request.
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Peace, Love and Happiness in Art, your friend.